[CentOS] Re: KDE Versions in CentOS ?

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Tue Oct 21 18:02:28 UTC 2008

on 10-21-2008 10:45 AM kevin kempter spake the following:
> On Oct 21, 2008, at 11:39 AM, Scott Silva wrote:
>> on 10-21-2008 10:14 AM nate spake the following:
>>> kevin kempter wrote:
>>>> HI LIst;
>>>> What version of KDE is included in the latest version of CentOS ?
>>> http://www.centos.org/
>>> "The CentOS team is pleased to announce the availability of CentOS 5.2.
>>> Major changes in CentOS 5 compared to CentOS 4 include:
>>> These updated software versions: Apache-2.2, php-5.1.6, kernel-2.6.18,
>>> Gnome-2.16, KDE-3.5, OpenOffice.org-2.3, Evolution-2.12, Firefox-3.0,
>>> Thunderbird-2.0, MySQL-5.0, PostgreSQL-8.1."
>>>> Also, is there a way to get KDE4 in CentOS ?  If so, Can I have both
>>>> KDE3.x and KDE4 installed and switch back and forth between the 2
>>>> versions if needed ?
>>> I think it should be possible as long as they are installed in
>>> different locations, e.g. compile everything from source and install
>>> to /usr/local/kde4 or something.
>>> nate
>> But if you break it you get to keep all the pieces!
> y, that's my biggest concern ...
If you HAVE to have the latest KDE, CentOS is not the best distribution for
you. Enterprise distros are designed for stable longevity, and adding the
latest and greatest every few months would just break it. You can get away
with changing smaller pieces sometimes, like Openoffice or Firefox, but KDE
and Gnome are pretty deeply intertwined into the base OS libs and would be
real easy to break. If you want new and shiny,and don't mind re-imaging
desktops once or twice a year, you can use Fedora or Ubuntu, with their fast
and liberal development cycles. If you want something that will be safe and
stable for the life of the hardware, with one install and only security
updates, CentOS is a better fit.

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