[CentOS] rsync mirroring

David Hláčik david at hlacik.eu
Thu Oct 23 16:31:19 UTC 2008

Hello guys,

we have a production server named prod-server
we have a mirror server named storage-server .

I want to mirror a downloadsite on production server to a mirror
server , but i want to keep all files from production server on mirror
server .

More explicitly.

If i will have a file named "myproduct.exe" on production server ,
which is allready mirrored on mirror server , and i will delete it on
production server,  i want to have an original file renamed to
myproduct.exe_DATE_OF_DELETION and then new myproduct.exe normally
mirrored as before.
Basically - I want to backup all changes

I am syncing using

rsync -avz .........

Should i add --backup --suffix = $(date) and thats it?

Thanks in advance!


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