[CentOS] CentOS 4.7 Server CD - update frontpage

R P Herrold herrold at centos.org
Sat Oct 25 22:05:18 UTC 2008

On Thu, 23 Oct 2008, Spike Turner wrote:

> totalitarian republic of CentOS. I believe an announcement

All sources used by CentOS are freely available under a 
distributable license, as are those for patched RPMs 
consistent with its GPL obligation when _distributing_ the 
product of another; the CentOS art and security keying are 
about all that you'll need to change when you found your new 
republic, Plato.  I think perhaps a closer read of your book 
would reveal discussion of a meritocracy, governed by 
philosopher kings.

Also, Spike Turner wrote:

> CentOS is basically RHEL without the trademarks so it is 
> compatible.
> Spike.

..... btw, congrats on deftly avoiding Godwin.

Please note that CentOS' art represents a trademarked item; 
you appear to have missed the fact that a more correct say to 
have stated that may be:

 	CentOS strives to be binary compatible with its
 	upstream, with that upstream's trademarked content

Good luck with your vision of a non-"totalitarian" future. 
Please post the URL of the new project's website, and don't 
forget to^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h^h write.  Negativism, trolling 
behviours, and leaching without conferring value earn places 
in my personal 'killfile'

-- Russ herrold

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