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Rajagopal Swaminathan raju.rajsand at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 07:15:34 UTC 2008


I might have missed something in the list here.. But could someone point out
some introductory material / docs regarding cmirror?

Is there something (even beta would do) in CentOS to read and understand
about this?

OT- On Fossils:
While I cannot claim "Fossil state" anywhere near some of the people who
were doing cards -- I knew about them though -- when I was born, I have had
my spell flicking switches to select boot device on a Texas Instrument DS
990 switching between the "Washing machine" disk and the 9" tape drive. (Now
this is in India when a lot of restrictions -- both by Indian and other
governments -- were there in Technology imports) The interesting part of it
was the entirely memory mapped design and barely a few registers...
and then in Prime 750 which had 5 huge boards which constituted a CPU. and a
"hefty" amount of RAM -- 8MB. The thigs is they worked 24x7 and we were
required to give a month's notice before shutting them down / rebooting
unless there was a breakdown which was very rare. Just like Linux
^H^H^H^H^H^H Centos Servers


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