[CentOS] Possibly OT: intermittently long response times when connecting to host

David Miller dmiller at ccim.us
Wed Oct 29 17:56:01 UTC 2008

> sounds sleepy - perhaps the mysql connections drop after inactivity and
> then it takes that long to connect
> You might just want to set up a cron script that does a curl or wget of
> a standard page every 2 minutes or so just to keep things active.
> Craig
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The server hosting the web page looks to be creating the connecting
immediately to the MySQL server (verified by mytop and tcpdump).
Troubleshooting MySQL connections isn't my forte - to now the
connections have always "just worked" so there hasn't been much of a
need. Another thing that has led me away from thinking database
problem is that this existed when the database was hosted locally and
when it was on our production database server.

Sorry for the delay in posting. 2-3 attempts before the problem
"resolves" itself makes troubleshooting slow.

Thanks to all that have replied.


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