[CentOS] Installer stopped short

Spiro Harvey spiro at knossos.net.nz
Wed Oct 29 22:14:14 UTC 2008

> I just tried to install a CentOS 5 desktop on very recent hardware,
> an Acer desktop machine. The installer stopped short very early. I

How early is very early? Did it stop before the first Welcome to Centos
screen, or did you get to disk partitioning? Knowing exactly where it
dies can be useful. Also, scan the disc to see if that's naffed and
causing grief.

When CentOS is installing you can press Alt-F2 - Alt-F4 (Ctrl-Alt
if you're in gui mode) and there should be a few different screens of
logs. Do any of those provide insight into where it's failing, or what
it last tried to do?
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