[CentOS] Question re RHEL 5.3

Spike Turner spiketurner09 at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 30 07:46:58 UTC 2008

MHR  wrote:

> I've heard now from more than one source about problems
> with CentOS
> (and RH) at least up through 5.2 w.r.t. SATA drive
> handling, and I've
> even reported on this myself in this list before.
> My question is, do we have any idea if 5.3 has any
> improvements in this area?
> One of my cohorts here, who happens to be a Fedora fan,
> says that
> these problems are fixed in F9, but I have grave concerns
> about
> putting an enterprise lifeline main application on any
> Fedora release.
>  If 5.3 solves these issues, I'd much rather go with
> that.

You seem to be relying on hearsay and rumor-mongering.
Any bug reports you have filed on the CentOS bug tracker?

> Any ideas?  Any places I might look to see for myself?

You have to install 5.3 beta and test it yourself. Then
again if your "alleged problems" only surface in a 
conversation with your "fedora buddy" you have to have 
more than your word for it.




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