[CentOS] PHP 5.2

Eduardo Silvestre eduardo.silvestre at nfsi.pt
Thu Oct 30 11:38:20 UTC 2008


i have some customers with php 5.1.6 and they have a problem because this version have a bug on gd library. 

Link http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=39366 

Need install other version to use this feature. 

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John Clement wrote: > > i need to know where i can find php version 5.2? > > you'll probably want to have a look here > > http://www.php.net/get/php-5.2.6.tar.bz2/from/a/mirror And then make that into an rpm? Or just work around the packaging system on CentOS? Not a good idea. There are some packages in the CentOS-Testing repository (which require you to give feedback to the CentOS developers via , there is Jason Litka's repository and there is Remi Collet's repository. But: If you have problems with the packages from there, then bug the people you got the packages from - not CentOS. Anyway, all of those means of distribution are way better than working around package management. Ralph 
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