[CentOS] Re: no network kernel boot option

Jerry Geis geisj at pagestation.com
Thu Oct 30 19:51:00 UTC 2008

> Jerry Geis a écrit :
> >/ I am looking for a kernel boot option that specifies "nonetwork"
> />/ I have found in searching the nousb - nopcmcia etc.... but I have not 
> />/ found one for nonetwork.
> />/ Is there one and what is it called?
> />/
> /You can create profiles with system-config-network if needed and modify 
> grub to reflect which network profile you want to use .. But i admit 
> that since NetworkManager is there i don't use the profiles anymore : 
> just use NM and just say that the nic doesn't have to start at boot 
> (onboot=no) : if there is a connection detected, NM will use it
Thanks I was aware of those. however I was looking for a method on the 
boot line (as in I am installing and I dont want the network driver to 

I can accomplish this with noprobe  but then everything is gone.
There are individual items like nousb nopcmcia and I was looking and 
have not found
one for nonetwork.



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