[CentOS] upstream ipa on centos inside openvz container

Thu Sep 4 16:33:27 UTC 2008
Ivan Levchenko <levchenko.i at gmail.com>


I'm trying to install rh ipa server on centos 5.2. i downloaded the
srpms and built them on centos 5.2. they installed perfectly (via yum
localinstall to handle the dependencies).

While going through the ipa-server-install script, while starting,
ns-slapd seg faults. i did some digging and when i turned on debugging
for ns-slapd, here is what i found out:

[04/Sep/2008:09:32:16 -0700] - dse_read_one_file processing entry
"cn=config" in file /etc/dirsrv/slapd-MYDOMAIN-COM/dse.ldif (primary
Segmentation fault

This is all going on inside a centos host node running openvz and a
centos 5.2 container.

Does anybody have some exp. with ipa? i'm a bit lost here.

I'm installing it in the first place to have a unified directory for
the users/emails/permissions.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Ivan Levchenko
levchenko.i at gmail.com