[CentOS] buildinstall cannot find modules

Fri Sep 5 01:21:23 UTC 2008
treed at ultraviolet.org <treed at ultraviolet.org>

When using buildinstall and CentOS 5.2 to create my own CD minus a bunch
of unneeded RPM's and plus a few of my custom RPM's I find that the
install CD that gets build does not install an initrd which renders the
system unbootable.  I also notice that when I run buildinstall with the
-debug option it says:

Building initrd.img
Module 3c501 not found in kernel rpm
Module 3c503 not found in kernel rpm
Module 3c505 not found in kernel rpm

and so on for many kernel modules. I notice that the filename it says it
is unpacking ends with .x86_64.rpm.x86_64. Is that normal? I google'd and
found someone else saying theirs did the same thing. Could this be related
to why I'm not ending up with an initrd being installed?

Tracy Reed
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