[CentOS] Custom install DVD with new (SB600 chipset & Intel network) kernel modules

Fri Sep 5 05:57:02 UTC 2008
Keith Wilkinson <keith.s.wilkinson at gmail.com>

First, congratulations on the fabulous CentOS Wiki.

About the only information that I haven't found on it
is how to create a custome install DVD with
added kernel modules -- e.g. when the standard
install DVD does not support the motherboard
chipset (SATA drives & network cards not
recognized, for example) and network card.

I have an AMD ATI motherboard with SB600 chipset.
When I tried to install the RH5.2 trial, I could not get
Internet connectivity either with the onboard network
chip (the network chip was recognized, but not the
SB600 chipset interface) or with an Intel server net-
work card (seems that the Intel driver in 5.2 does not
support that network card's chip).  Maybe I had to set
IDE emulation for the SATA drives in the BIOS as well,
I don't remember.

Both the AMD ATI SB600 chipset and the Intel server
card worked without problems on Fedora 9, so I'd like
to try to compile the Fedora 9 modules on CentOS 5.2
then create an updated DVD ISO that is installable
and has network connectivity on my hardware.
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