[CentOS] Time delaying (or time lagging)

Sat Sep 6 20:38:24 UTC 2008
happymaster23 <happymaster23 at gmail.com>

Hello everyone,

I have problem with time delaying on my CentOS powered server. I have tried
to set time in BIOS and in OS (with saving time to BIOS), but time still
delaying, so after month is about five minutes delayed. In past I was using
this box with Windows and there wasn´t this time problem, but I cant
warrant, that there are no hardware issues. So I was decided, that easiest
way to fix this problem will be setting up the NTP. I have found many
howtos, but I don´t believe them. So my question is: How to clearly set NTP
in CentOS 5?

Thanky you very much
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