[CentOS] Problem with running Centos 5.2 on Dell Optiplex 330

Sun Sep 7 12:48:14 UTC 2008
Pete Kay <petedao at gmail.com>


I am havind deep trouble with a bunch of our newly arrived Optiplex
330 as it can't run Centos 5.2 property.

The installation works fine, but when it boots up, it can't be
connected to the network.  I am getting error saying " link is not
ready" when doing system-config-network.  I check lspci and it can
detect the network controller no problem.  The light next to the cable
is also on as well.

Does anyone know how I can fix this problem?

We should have bought just one and see if it works before buying more,
and now we are stuck.

Could someone please kindly give any suggestion?  Any help will be
greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,