Fri Sep 12 01:46:30 UTC 2008
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

Hi all.

I am having an issue and quite frankly would rather not spend the entire
next two days learning the entire snmp program. I am hoping someone out
there has used MRTG and SNMP to make it work.

I have both installed. Single server, polling itself.

Question 1- does snmpd have to run as a daemon, or only run once so I can
get OID and MIBs from it?

Question 2- does anyone know the command in snmp to get the required OID and
MIBs that MRTG needs to use? Or at least the name of it? There are a lot of
poorly written man pages, but so far all of them require an MIB or OID to
use the commands I have read.

Question 3- since not going outside of the server, is there any security
setting in some snmp config file that makes it only look on my local server
and not allow others to use it or hack it?

Question 4- all over the internet there are examples in MRTG using all sorts
of made up names like 'crazyguy33 at servername' and things like that for the
cfg file. And alsoin the snmp forum posts, but no one really talks about
where this name comes from other than it is assigned to your network device
or something.

Any help appreciated. I will post the final solution to how to configure
snmp and mrtg to work on centos5.2 when I finally figure it out so no one
else has to take all week to do so!!!

Whoo hoo!!!