[CentOS] Newbies to CentOS List

Sat Sep 13 10:19:06 UTC 2008
Josh Donovan <josh.dvan at yahoo.co.uk>

Guidelines for CentOS Mailing List posts

* Mailing List Etiquette
* How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
* Quoting Style
* Why is Bottom-posting better than Top-posting

1. Please turn off HTML in your e-mail client for these mailing lists. 
We have several subscribers who read the list with text only readers 
and they can't easily read html formatted e-mails. There is a place 
(somewhere) for the flowery stationary and themes that some mail clients
 offer ... but this is not it. Again, please only post text e-mails to 
these mailing lists.

2. Please do not top post to the mailing list when replying to a post.
(See the Quoting Style link above, and use the Interleaved text method
, deleting non-applicable text as required. If you need to reply to a 
message, and you do not need to post in interleaved mode, please bottom 
post instead of top posting.

3. Please trim the extra stuff in the email and leave enough to make
 sense of the thread.

Note: There are places to debate the merits of top posting and how 
it might have some advantages in relation to Interleaved text or 
bottom posting ... but this is not one of those places.

Extracted from http://www.centos.org/modules/tinycontent/index.php?id=16

I added no 3 above. I had not been on this mailing list or others for 
a while but I thought other newbies would benefit.