[CentOS] Directory Server question - enable access by host

Mon Sep 15 15:45:53 UTC 2008
Kwan Lowe <kwan.lowe at gmail.com>

Hello All:
   I am in the process of migrating from OpenLDAP to Centos Directory
Server. I'm very pleased with the new LDAP and think it's one of those
killer apps that will guarantee Linux a place in data centers :D...
  So far I've gotten the main things working:
1) Host based access via AuthorizedHost
2) Service based access via AuthorizedService
3) AIX/Linux <-> LDAP
4) PosixGroup support

  The one thing I would like is to have group based host access control.
E.g., I would like to define a new LDAP group (say, DBA-Production) that
includes a bunch of host entries. When needed, I could add a user to the
DBA-Production group and automatically give him/her access to the list of
defined hosts. Anyone have suggestions on how to approach this?

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