[CentOS] Users and ftp

Tue Sep 16 03:38:22 UTC 2008
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

I have vsftp chrooted so that users can only come into their home directory.

I have a few virtual hosts.

I have the websites in the home directory of the intial user for each site.

So the sites look like this.


Using vsftp, I have set the default to chroot a user to their home
directory. So user1 ftping in whill go right to his directory and not be
able to go higher.

My problem is adding a second user to be able to access the directory via

In other words, user1 has a partner named user1a. 

I tried adding user1a  in user1 group and not in user1 group...netiher
I tried adding user1a with no home directory and tried making their home
directoy /home/user1

In all cases, ftp says 'cannot move to /home/user1' when trying to access
with user1a.

I am to the point it is time to forgo the security of chroot in vsftp to
just add a second user.

Any help appreciated.