[CentOS] Picasa vs. native photo management apps

Tue Sep 16 09:41:28 UTC 2008
Niki Kovacs <contact at kikinovak.net>


I'm running a small business (http://www.microlinux.fr) offering various 
services around GNU/Linux, among which migrating folks from Windows to 
Linux. On server and desktops, I'm using CentOS exclusively. I know, 
Fedora would be more suitable, but I like the solidity of CentOS, and I 
can always build the odd missing bits myself from Fedora SRPMS. My 
heavily customized CentOS-based desktop is very solid and 
production-proof (in use in all the public libraries around here).

One request that I got more often lately is Google Picasa. I vaguely 
remember having downloaded and installed it once. As far as I know, it's 
a closed-source Windows app that comes with a WINE emulation layer. Not 
exactly the open source spirit.

As far as I'm concerned, I manage all my photos with some very basic 
tools: GThumb, Nautilus, GIMP, and that's it.

Are there some tasks one performs with Picasa that one can't perform 
with these native programs? Or is there some other well-made photo 
management software that you can recommend as a replacement for Picasa?


Niki Kovacs