[CentOS] Setting VNC console port in virt-install

Wed Sep 17 19:28:15 UTC 2008
David Dyer-Bennet <dd-b at dd-b.net>

Using Centos 5.2 with Xen.  I'm making a group of nodes behind an LVS
load-director to perform computing services.  Those nodes are only
accessible from the LVS nodes (I'm using LVS NAT mode).  Actually it's Xen
virtual servers on the physical nodes behind the LVS boxes that I'm mostly
concerned with.

When you create a guest with virt-install, there's a vnc param and a
vncport param, but setting vncport doesn't seem to cause the vnc console
to actually appear on the specified port.  The config file written by
virt-install in /etc/xen doesn't contain the vnc port information.

How do I control what port the VNC console is presented on?

I need to make these appear at stable port numbers, because to make the
systems manageable from outside the LVS, I'm going to create tunnels on
the LVS that go to specific system consoles.  To set that up obviously the
destination ports need to be somehow known, and since they're on different
systems, anything other than simply configuring them to be in stable
places is going to get complicated and hence unreliable.  (The people
maintaining the software on the systems behind the LVS won't be the same
people in charge of the LVS, and some of them won't even know anything
about Linux or Xen, just Windows.)

Yes, I also asked on the Xen list; not sure how much what I see as Xen is
actually basic Xen and how much is Centos, and the documentation I'm using
to do this is all the Centos stuff so I figured I should ask here.

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