[CentOS] Sendmail and headers

Mon Sep 22 10:58:44 UTC 2008
Bob Hoffman <bob at bobhoffman.com>

Hi all,
Hope someone out there has experience with this.
I can send, receive, and smtp my mail with my centos server fine and dandy.
All the virtual domains headers for from and reply to and such are good.

However, there is one field that I cannot change.
(centos 5.2, dns, sendmail, virtualhosts all on same server)

The ip and hostname of the server is coming up when the ehlo is called from
the receiving server (like yahoo.com and gmail)..instantly tagging all mail
as spam, but not deleting it.

The header on the mails shows this....

Received: from (EHLO server.myserverhostname.com) ( 

Where it should have the ip address of the website and the website

I have played with masquerade_envelope, masquerade_as, masquerade_domain,
etc...and about 100 different combinations.
I have added the websites to etc/hosts in an effort to make that work too.

I am assuming it is masquerade that will do it. But lost as to how to
proceed. Is there anyone out there hosting some websites who could point me
in the right direction.

All the books and websites deal with multiple machines and masquerading all
domains as the same...and not making them all different.

I cannot conclude or solve this. Any help deply appreciated.