[CentOS] Centos installed on OQO mod 2

Wed Sep 24 18:05:19 UTC 2008
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

Since I have a four of these units, and the XP recovery CD, I figured, 
"ah give it a go."

And going through the Centos wiki, I found a simple piece I was 
missing:  "linux text askmethod".  There were a few problems I had with 
the text install:

Disk Druid does not work with LVM partitions, much, in text mode.  I was 
able to increase the size of the swap partition though...

I missed the setup for a user other than root.  I will have to do that 

System came up in init 3 mode.  Easy to fix.

Video is 800x480.  This is a problem for a number of dialog boxes.  I 
tried to change the video, but nothing happened when I logged out and 
back in.  still 800x480 (I selected Generic LCD for hardware then 1034 x 
768).  I read in one set of notes that using xvesa is better than vesa 
(which is what is being used now).  How do I set that?

Oh, /proc/cpuinfo reports 769 bogomips.  Wait, this boot it is 830 
bogomips?  hmmm.