[CentOS] setting timezone from kickstart

Tue Sep 30 12:33:36 UTC 2008
Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com>

Hi all,

I used to do manual installs so I would set the timezone each time.
I have now migrated to kickstart and I wish to use a command line (at 
boot) parameter
to set the needed timezone.

I am familiar with timeconfig and that works. I tried timeconfig --help 
(looking for command line arguments)
and there appears to not be a command line way that I see to set the 

I have seen mention of changing symbolic links and stuff - but I was 
hoping for
a system command to change the timezone. Like "timeconfig --zone Denver" 
or "timeconfig --zone Mountain"
something like that.

Is there something like that or do I have to use the symbolic links?