[CentOS] Questions on custom LiveCD

Tue Sep 30 14:39:13 UTC 2008
Kai Schaetzl <maillists at conactive.com>

I tried making my own LiveCD according to the instructions on the project 
site. First, applause, the basic procedure works like a charm. It's really 
easy to do and works right from the beginning (I'm building it inside a 
VM). I tried the minimal and the desktop version (with a few changes).

I have encountered a few problems and have some questions.

The German keyboard I set in the kickstart file was setup correctly for 
text mode, but not for graphical mode. I can change it from within the 
account, so everything that needs to be there seems to be there. Do others 
have the same problem?

The graphical mode just displays a blank screen on my laptop (contains 
some S3 UniChrome chip). Is this an expected problem? It's not a big 
problem that the X server doesn't run on that laptop, but I wonder if it's 
possible to use a more generic driver that would at least display in lower 
resolution or so? (as I don't know if the machine where the CD might get 
used also has an unsupported chipset.)

The goal is to create a CD that provides a browser and a LAMP web 
application, so that a few people that don't have access to the net in 
their office can use/test a database project. So, going on, I would like 
to add the code and database to the CD, so that the user can open Firefox 
and use the application from the local webserver. I see that the structure 
of the CD is an ext3fs.img with the root filesystem in a squashfs.img in 
the iso file. If I change the content of the ext3fs.img can I put it back 
on the rw mounted squashfs.img and that in the iso? If yes, I assume I 
would need to cater for a necessary resize of the images. If no or if 
there is a better way, how?


Kai Schätzl, Berlin, Germany
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