[CentOS] Firefox distorted printing

Tue Sep 30 22:05:37 UTC 2008
Chris Geldenhuis <chris.gelden at iafrica.com>

I am running a fully updated CentOS 4 box. Since the last few rounds of 
updates - upgrading to the latest Firefox, I find that I can not print 
Bank statements etc ( .ps files when saved to disk). The Bank's logo and 
any lines on the form print OK but the actual content is distorted 
beyond recognition - printing a series of special characters  
(!"$%&#'(") instead of transaction descriptions or amounts. Has anyone 
else experienced this or have a suggestion on how to fix the problem.

Other preformatted documents like supplier invoices are also not printed 
as well formatted as before (html documents) but appear all squashed up 
instead of filling the page vertically.