[CentOS] Backup and reinstall a CentOS server

Tue Sep 2 11:27:38 UTC 2008
Marco Fretz <mailinglist at blah.li>

Jussi Hirvi wrote:
> This may not be directly useful to you.
> As a general strategy, I have been thinking of making / and other important
> partitions (if any) raid1 at system install - even when there is no second
> disk. Someone just wrote that even the /boot partition can be raid1.

Yes, the /boot partition can be md raid. But it can't be LVM. We're
using md raid for all server that have no hardware raid controllers.
GRUB can be installed on both drives at the same time, no problem.

> This way it will be easy later to clone the disk. Just bring in a blank
> disk, format, add to the raid array and let it sync. :-) Then you would
> still have to install grub, if the disk needs be bootable, but that's fast.

Good idea and I think it should be no performance problem. But use LVM!
Don't do md raid for each partition you need. Make 2 md raids and put
LVM on the 2nd (first for /boot) and use logicalvolumes for your