[CentOS] Re: CentOS 4.7 status

Wed Sep 3 05:38:45 UTC 2008
David Hrbáč <hrbac.conf at seznam.cz>

Scott Silva napsal(a):
> 4.7 was delayed so the buildservers could get 5.2 ready. 4.7 is probably
> in the queue now, but it takes a while because CentOS doesn't have a
> million dollar hardware budget, and has to schedule things to best use
> the hardware available.
> When it is ready and synced to the mirrors, it will be announced.

Glad to see some info and not only typical "when it's done it's done".
We are enterprise distro, so I guess we should inform the community on
progress. Especially in that case, when translators were warn a month
ago to prepare RN soon. Not mentioning that 4.x boxes are not receiving
updates/security fixes due to.
So thanks for the info Scott.
David Hrbáč