[CentOS] Proxy with no cache

Wed Sep 3 16:14:42 UTC 2008
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

Romeo Ninov wrote:
> Sergio Belkin  wrote / napísal(a):
>> Hi,
>> I'd want to install a proxy server but  I no need cache, what software
>> do you recommend me?
>> thanks in advance!
> Take a look on some socks server (dante). BTW i think squid can be 
> configured as noncaching proxy

Yes, squid can be configured about any way you like.  Other than having 
to wade through it's huge (but well commented) config file to make 
changes it is probably the best choice for http and ftp traffic.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com