[CentOS] Re: Curmudgeoning (was Re: Problems with writing Dual Layer DVD)

Wed Sep 3 16:38:55 UTC 2008
Bill Campbell <centos at celestial.com>

On Wed, Sep 03, 2008, Ric Moore wrote:
>On Tue, 2008-09-02 at 11:19 -0700, John R Pierce wrote:
>> >> For shame!  WfW was 3.11,
>> >>     
>> >
>> > 3.1.1,  IIRC
>> >   
>> actually, there was a 3.10 and 3.11 release of Windows for Workgroups.   
>> The 3.11 release introduced the use of 32 bit protected mode 
>> implementation of the network stack and file system via extensive use of 
>> VxD drivers, and set the stage for Windows95 where almost the whole OS 
>> kernel ran in VxD space (prior versions used 16bit realmode IO 
>> components from MSDOS).
>Anyone ever see wabi running win3.1 under Linux?? THAT was a show
>stopper. It came with Caldera's releases. Mighty nifty it was. Ric

I don't think I ever ran Wabi on Caldera, but did on SCO
OpenServer 5.0.x.

Whatcha doin' over here Ric?  Normally I see you on the linux-sxs list.

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