[CentOS] rsync problem

Wed Sep 3 16:44:47 UTC 2008
Bill Campbell <centos at celestial.com>

On Wed, Sep 03, 2008, Thomas Bleier wrote:
>   Hi everybody,
>   after upgrading a few CentOS machines from 5.0 to 5.2, and during that
>   upgrading rsync from 3.0.0-1.el5.rf to 3.0.3-1.el5.rf (both from
>   rpmforge) rsync stopped working and bails out with a segfault after
>   some undeterministic time (zero to a few seconds) during a sync.
>   Manually going back to 3.0.2-1.el5.rf seems to work.
>   Has anybody experienced similar problems?
>   I'm not sure if I should go the the rpmforge or to the rsync mailing
>   lists with this problem, so I thought I'd ask here if anybody run into
>   similar problems.

I would try running the new version under strace to see where
it's dying.

We are running rsync-3.0.3 from the OpenPKG portable package
management system under CentOS with no problems.

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