[CentOS] Re: Curmudgeoning (was Re: Problems with writing Dual Layer DVD)

Thu Sep 4 04:42:19 UTC 2008
Ric Moore <wayward4now at gmail.com>

On Thu, 2008-09-04 at 03:36 +0100, Karanbir Singh wrote:
> Ric Moore wrote:
> > Nice! Let me know when you clean out your garage! Remember Irv Hoff??
> > Imp? Best little telecom program ever written. 
> Do you think this conversation might have lost context on the CentOS 
> list ? I am sure there is much amusement to be had catching up with a 
> lot of this, but might I suggest you do this in private email rather 
> than here on this list ?

You can suggest all you like. :) Have a nice day. Ric

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