[CentOS] kickstart problems

Thu Sep 4 08:04:30 UTC 2008
Paolo Supino <paolo.supino at gmail.com>

On Thu, Sep 4, 2008 at 9:52 AM, Romeo Ninov <rninov at gmail.com> wrote:

Paolo, this problem occur only in RHEL/CentOS/other RH based distros and not
> in Slack, SuSE, Debian, etc. I was not going deeper in the problem, but that
> is the reality. BTW: You can play with MAC address in incfg files, but this
> is applicable only on already installed machine.About Your remarc for
> corporations and RH - you are right, but how often servers are restarted?
> :-)
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Hi Romeo

  Not often :-) but I know of thousand of multihomed systems that are
installed via kickstart and never heard of issues like the ones you describe
and if it was a problem Red Hat would have fixed it a long time ago because
it would have seriously heart their bottom line ...

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