[CentOS] kickstart problems

Thu Sep 4 12:31:32 UTC 2008
Joseph L. Casale <JCasale at activenetwerx.com>

>I've /never/ seen RHEL/CentOS or any of its predecessors renumber
>ethernet ports on a working system..

Yeah, I have never seen it "re"number either?

>I've seen it number them
>backwards, such that eth0 was the port labeled '1' outside the chassis
>and eth1 was port '0', but it was extremely consistent about this (one
>specific case of this I remember is  RHEL2.1 or 3 on a Intel SE7501WV2
>dual xeon board).   I've had a pile of different RH linux configurations
>running on various servers for 10 or more years.

Here is a good explanation about this: