[CentOS] A new blog on the block for Linux newbies

Thu Sep 4 17:22:29 UTC 2008
Ross S. W. Walker <RWalker at medallion.com>

MHR wrote:
> IMVMHO, having been brand new to CentOS but a long time Linux user and
> sometimes administrator, delving into the depths of the kernel,
> returning to the Linux email list world (as an idiot AND a newbie) and
> now charged in part with porting a major real-life real-time app from
> FC1 to CentOS, my best advice for newbies of all stripes would be
> this:
> RTFM, then read everything else you can find, and remember, Google is
> your friend.
> Subscribe to one or more email lists based on what you found in your
> extensive reading (see above) AND READ at least long enough to learn
> how to post, whom to trust, who the curmudgeons are (no, kidding on
> that last one!), etc.  (I.e., read some more.)

LEARN 'man', 'apropos' and 'info' they are almost always there
in every system and they hold the knowledge of the OS.

Start with 'man man' and know the help system inside and out
because after 15+ years working in Unix/Linux environments
a day doesn't go by where I don't hit at least 1 man page and
knowing how to flip through it to the parts you want will
save you untold time.

Oh and don't forget virtualization is your friend in learning!

VMware workstation, Parallels, Virtual Box, Xen, Hyper-V, they're
all good for learning!

Create a VM per-distro, see how each distro installs, see how each
is managed. Take snapshots and play around with their configs, see
how they break, see if you can fix them, if not revert to the
snapshot. Get your feet wet.


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