[CentOS] OT: Migration from Evolution to Thunderbird (Thunderbird mbox files)

Thu Sep 4 19:26:56 UTC 2008
Lanny Marcus <lmmailinglists at gmail.com>

mouss wrote:
> Lanny Marcus wrote:
> If it's on imap, then forget about TB mbox files. the messages are on 
> the server (TB can cache messages, but you are not supposed to know how 
> it exactly does. so don't play this game).

I now have the mbox files on my hard drive. I think that is the default
with Evolution.  I assume google backs up their gmail servers, but 
having a local copy, my own backup, is a plus.

> just leave all mail on the server and use whatever client you want. 
> that's one of the benefits of imap.

IMAP is what gmail recommends.
> most people use POP3, in which case messages are downloaded and stored 
> locally. Things are different with imap. the copies that the client 
> holds are only for performances and you are not supposed to use them.

So far, Thunderbird seems to be stable and solid, no issues like with 
Evolution, so I will probably migrate my primary email account to 
Thunderbird, within the next few days.

Thanks you for your help!