[CentOS] OT: workstation recommends: Thinkmate?

Thu Sep 4 23:54:29 UTC 2008
Rainer Duffner <rainer at ultra-secure.de>

Am 05.09.2008 um 01:02 schrieb Barry Olddog:

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>> Am 04.09.2008 um 21:36 schrieb Lanny Marcus:
>>> Barry Olddog wrote:
>>>> I'm looking to buy a new workstation, and it looks like Thinkmate
>>>> makes what I need -- their vsx "virtually silent" variety. I
>>>> hestitate because I  wasn't happy with a laptop I bought a few
>>>> years ago from a small outfit that sold Linux boxes exclusively.
>>>> Does anyone have experience with Thinkmate, and in particular, the
>>>> VSX line? If the later, is it really quiet. I run Centos on four
>>>> machines now, three of which are Dells, and I'm hoping to do
>>>> better. The Dell T5400 is close to what I want, but I get more for
>>>> less from Thinkpad -- at least on paper.
>>> No experience with Thinkmate, or, knowledge of them, but 4 of the 5
>>> computers in this room are Dell's. If Thinkmate is a long
>>> established company, with an excellent reputation, buy from them. If
>>> not, Dell will be around, to support your T5400, for a long time.
>> Indeed.
>> But before I spent that much money on a PC, I'd want to *see* it and
>> hear it. In reality.
>> Anybody can claim to manufacture a "virtually silent" workstation.
>> Too bad, Apple is the only vendor that has stores and all models on
>> display (at least, for desktops - but for a server, noise isn't
>> relevant anyway).
>> How much is the price difference actually?
>> Rainer
> The difference is about $1,000 -- 25% more for the Dell -- but the  
> machines are not exactly the same.
> Thinkmate is opteron, and the Dell, xeon -- which some would say is  
> a factor in Dell's favor;
> Dell includes a RH subscription whether you want it or not;
> Dell has three hard drives (the max), Thinkmate four.
> With the Dell, the memory comes from Crucial, which means there's a  
> waste of two small modules; Thinkmate sells memory at a reasonable  
> price (I'm figuring 32 gigs).
> The HP xw9400 is closer to the Thinkmate, but an extra $200 to $300,  
> with memory from Crucial.

If HP is an option, I'd go for HP. I've never seen an XW9400  
personally, but I'd trust HP on this one.
If you don't go for Quad-Core, you can pick up cheap(er) DC XW9400s on  

> I'm just leery of a maker that I don't know; I searched for reviews  
> and comments, but found almost nothing. Maybe that's telling me  
> something.

Thinkmate claims an impressive customer-list. However, they don't say  
what each of the companies bought. Could be case-screws, but also a  
train-waggon full of workstations.
I'd ask if they have them on display somewhere ;-)