[CentOS] Configuring an Intel 3945 wireless card: partial success

Fri Sep 5 06:27:49 UTC 2008
Niki Kovacs <contact at kikinovak.net>

Akemi Yagi a écrit :
> If I remember, you are using the ipw3945 module.  This is being
> deprecated and replaced by iwl3945.  While the new one might not fix
> your problem, it wouldn't hurt to try it.  In my case, ipw3945 did not
> work but iwl3945 did.
> Trouble is that the iwl3945 module is disabled in the distro kernel.
> However, it is enabled in the centosplus kernel.  So, the quickest way
> to test it is to install the cplus kernel.

I figured that out late that night (early that morning?). I installed 
the centosplus kernel, and then I had to find an iwl3945-firmware 
package, otherwise the driver wouldn't work. I put it in my own repo:


Suggestion: it would be a good idea to include this firmware package in 
the centosplus repo. This would spare some hassle.

Right now I'm running three different wireless cards on CentOS: Intel 
Pro 3945, Broadcom 4306 and Ralink 2561. Configuring each one of these 
reminded me of jumping through a series of burning loops.