[CentOS] OT: Home NAS device

Fri Sep 5 14:45:42 UTC 2008
Lorenzo Quatrini <lorenzo at gmk.it>

Toby Bluhm ha scritto:
> Joseph L. Casale wrote:
>> I am looking for something that I can hack away like a NSLU2 but that
>> thing only has one disc
>> and worst of all its 100m interface. Anyone know of a device you can
>> load Linux on that has
>> maybe 2 discs like a NAS200 with a gig nic? I need a quiet device to
>> act as a tftp-dhcp/web/dns
>> system.
The Dlink DNS-323 looks exactly what you are asking of

> The problem I see with going the all-in-one NAS route is that down the
> road, there's always some function you'd like to add - but you can't.
> You've hit the limitations of the box.
The Dlink can be easly upgraded; I can't find an english page now, but I guess
you'll find all the info that you need googling a bit.
It has gig nic, 2 disk and a bittorrent client. If you want you can add other
clients (like mldonkey) on a kind of chrooted environment and with a bit of
hacking you can also install a full Debian inside (but this involves soldering
a serial interface, for what I can understand), is quiet and is quite flexible
on the configuration even on the standard configuration.
I just saw one yesterday, and looked interesting; the owner is fully satisfied.

Lorenzo Quatrini