[CentOS] Re: kickstart debug

Fri Sep 5 16:38:13 UTC 2008
Jerry Geis <geisj at pagestation.com>

> Jerry Geis wrote:
> >/ How do you go about debugging the kickstart file?
> /
> By trying stuff, reading documentation or doing research. You know, community 
> is about give and take and not only taking. I've yet to see *ONE* answer from
> you, it's always just "ask, ask, ask", even with stuff which can easily be
> solved by searching on google.
> Sheesh,
> Ralph

I debated if I should even answer the above statement.

There is MORE than 1 kind of community support in my view.
1) answering questions (which people me qualified than me are doing a 
FANTASTIC job with)
2) financial - of which I support centos.org

I'm sorry my lack of expertise has offended you.
I do know of google - I use it all the time. However if after searching 
(and yes I do search first)
I dont find anything that helps me the next logic step is to post a 
question and hope someone as
generous and knowledgeable as yourself is willing to share a hint, a 
solution etc...

I'm not want/wishing to have TONS of replies to this message. This list 
has better use with actual topics.
Sorry ALL to have taken bandwith here. Hope I didnt offend anyone.

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