[CentOS] Gnome Desktop Questions?

Fri Sep 5 18:03:21 UTC 2008
Lanny Marcus <lmmailinglists at gmail.com>

James B. Byrne wrote:
> I have a couple of oddities that I hope someone here can clarify for me.
> OS = CentOS-5.2 all updates applied to date.
> 1. On the gnome desktop in the top panel (or menu bar) I have an icon for
> "System Monitor" which runs the application "gnome-system-monitor".  On my
> other desktop CentOS-5.2 system I have the same thing.  However, one one
> system the icon gives me a real time (ok 5 sec intervals) display of cpu
> load as cyan and white bar graphs .  On the other system the same
> application gives me a static, sickly green and yellow, display of an
> oscilloscope. How do I get the dynamic version of the icon?  I have
> checked and both systems are running the same version of the applicvation
> from the same location. /usr/bin/gnome-system-monitor --version = 2.16.0
> 2. On the same two systems, the first (the one with the dynamic display)
> has entries on the system dropdown menufor locking the display, logging
> out and shutting down.  On the second all I have is logout and suspend. 
> Going to the Gnome Menu manager does not give me any option to add the
> missing items.
> Can somebody tell me how to get these minor, but for me very desirable,
> changes made to the second system?  The only difference between the two
> systems that I can recall is that one (the first) was upgraded from 4.6
> while the second (the more limited unit) was a clean install.

As I recall, it was not recommended by our Upstream, or our developers, 
to upgrade from 4.x to 5.x? Possibly there is some issue, causing the 
strange differences you are seeing. I'm also a GNOME user, but I don't
have a solution for you. Hoping someone else will know how to cure it.