[CentOS] DJB's daemontools package

Sat Sep 6 16:29:18 UTC 2008
RobertH <roberth at abbacomm.net>

> Al wrote:
> I was going to recommend roughly the same thing.

Oops, the word *source* can get you huh...  ;->

What I actually recommended was going to the source website to fully
understand the usage and internals.

At the source website you can get the software source and the reasons behind

One can google for more info after that.

I believe the OP is/was more than intelligent enough to get source and
implement etc.

I was a little ambiguous and I can do better in my "language" too.   :-)

Anyways, one should know how to install that software and use it from source
on a test box before looking for an RPM for several reasons...

There are issues with certain versions of software that have to be
compensated for and you want to make sure that any rpm is for your distro
and was rolled properly.

Bottom line, some software (both in this case if I remember right) do or
used to need to be *errno* patched, and may still need to be patched
depending blah blah.

Simple patches, yet patched none the less.

 - rh