[CentOS] Re: USB drive fails at sector 0xFFFFFFF

Mon Sep 8 18:31:22 UTC 2008
Kenneth Porter <shiva at sewingwitch.com>

--On Monday, September 08, 2008 10:50 AM -0700 Scott Silva 
<ssilva at sgvwater.com> wrote:

> This isn't paid 24x7 support!
> You need to wait more than a few hours before you re-pound (I mean
> resend) your message.

Sorry about the resend. I was having mail server problems this weekend and 
was afraid the first message had gotten lost in the outage. I didn't want 
to wait 24 hours to learn that it never made it through. It certainly 
wasn't my intent to sound insistent.

> More than likely it is a problem with the Linux reverse engineered
> support for a Windows proprietary file system. Why back up to NTFS?

Originally I was backing up across the LAN to the drive attached to my XP