[CentOS] Re: USB drive fails at sector 0xFFFFFFF

Mon Sep 8 20:04:08 UTC 2008
Toby Bluhm <tkb at midwestinstruments.com>

Scott Silva wrote:
> <snip>
>>> More than likely it is a problem with the Linux reverse engineered
>>> support for a Windows proprietary file system. Why back up to NTFS?
>> Originally I was backing up across the LAN to the drive attached to my 
>> XP workstation.
> That would isolate the error if it was caused by the NTFS driver. I 
> would use a linux supported filesystem unless you *need* to be able to 
> look at these dump files from a windows workstation.

Could reformat the disk for ext2/3 & install ext2ifs on the windows box:


While I haven't much heavy use or testing, it's worked well for me.

Toby Bluhm
Alltech Medical Systems America, Inc.