[CentOS] Need help with an odd issue I am experiencing

Tue Sep 9 05:34:32 UTC 2008
John <jses27 at gmail.com>


David Petruzzella Wrote:

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Subject: [CentOS] Need help with an odd issue I am experiencing

I have a server with dual nic's running centos 5.2 1 nic connects to the
cable modem, which has 15m d and 2m up, but speed tests barely come back at
5mb down including road runner's internal speed test. I hook up my laptop to
the same modem, same port, using the same cable and I get 17mb down. I have
ruled out iptables, nics (because same result on both nics), cables, cable
modem(with a brighthouse rep) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

JohnStanley Writes:

Maybe trying the vender specific drivers for the Nic Card in question on the
CentOS Server may solve the problem. Or a possibilty is if your Bonding or
teaming the nics there may be configuration issues in the way you have them
set up. Try just one Nic card by itself with out Bonding. You can use
"miitool" to set or force the transfer rate of the nic in question; see "man
miitool" Since you do say you have dual nics try them both separtly like I
stated (Without The Bonding).