[CentOS] Need help with an odd issue I am experiencing

Tue Sep 9 15:21:25 UTC 2008
David Petruzzella <sektor at dsli.com>

I was thinkging drivers myself, I'm not bonding the nics btw.

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>Subject: [CentOS] Need help with an odd issue I am experiencing
>I have a server with dual nic's running centos 5.2 1 nic connects to the
>cable modem, which has 15m d and 2m up, but speed tests barely come back at
>5mb down including road runner's internal speed test. I hook up my laptop to
>the same modem, same port, using the same cable and I get 17mb down. I have
>ruled out iptables, nics (because same result on both nics), cables, cable
>modem(with a brighthouse rep) any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
>JohnStanley Writes:
>Maybe trying the vender specific drivers for the Nic Card in question on the
>CentOS Server may solve the problem. Or a possibilty is if your Bonding or
>teaming the nics there may be configuration issues in the way you have them
>set up. Try just one Nic card by itself with out Bonding. You can use
>"miitool" to set or force the transfer rate of the nic in question; see "man
>miitool" Since you do say you have dual nics try them both separtly like I
>stated (Without The Bonding).
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