[CentOS] Need help with an odd issue I am experiencing

Tue Sep 9 18:58:20 UTC 2008
David Petruzzella <sektor at dsli.com>

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>>Not a laptop it is a server with dual nics mtu set at 1500, 1 nic directly to the cable modem the other to my lan.
>MTU has nothing to do with laptops, it has to do with TCP/IP.
>Aside from a previous posters duplex setting (good catch on his part) its
>possible that MTU is an issue. Some ISP's do some silly stuff. You
>*are* going into a cable modem (which I read as accessing the internet
>through some means other than a high-end fiber/etc connection where oddities
>wouldn't likely exist:>)
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The MTU setting of 1500 is optimal for that connection from what I read and according to tweak tests and I was just clarifying that the pc in question was not a laptop I am aware that MTU is TCP related and I agree sometimes there are funny things that happen with that, based on other tests I have done with other devices kind of rules out MTU it seems to be more a duplexing issue or driver issue I think.

Both myself and the cable guy have hooked a laptop to the cable modem all beit they are windows laptops with the same settings and speed tests were normal.

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