[CentOS] Network card help please

Wed Sep 10 04:42:13 UTC 2008
Gary <gv-centos at letric.net>

Hi Nate,

It is the same Linksys card that is already recognized. CentOS effectively
uses the Linksys as ADMTek NC100 for Linksys immediately recognized with
no problem. It just will not recognize this third card at all, not even
seeing it using lspci, which shows no Ethernet controller for the same 3rd
card ..

On  Tue, 9 Sep 2008 21:21:46 -0700 (PDT) UTC (9/9/2008, 11:21 PM -0500 UTC my time), nate wrote:

>> Can someone give me input on the steps needed to get this third NIC
>> recognized please.

n> run lspci to try to identify what network controller chip is on
n> the third NIC. If that doesn't help then look at the chip on the
n> physical card itself, and use google to try to match that up with
n> a driver.

n> Linksys probably uses something shitty like Realtek chips or
n> something, or worse(?)