[CentOS] Network card help please

Wed Sep 10 07:04:43 UTC 2008
Gary <gv-centos at letric.net>

Hi John, Nate,

On  Tue, 9 Sep 2008 23:49:27 -0700 (PDT) UTC (9/10/2008, 1:49 AM -0500 UTC my time), nate wrote:

>> IRQ's are fully sharable on PCI, all PCI devices can use a single
>> hardware IRQ with no problems.

n> In theory yes, in practice these days usually yes but it's by no
n> means a guarantee it will work. It's been a few years since I
n> had IRQ sharing issues, but when it did happen it was on the
n> PCI bus. Perhaps broken devices, perhaps broken bios(s), who
n> knows but it can happen. And when dealing with Linksys, I'm
n> sure the possibility of 'broken devices' skyrockets pretty
n> fast.

ha, I removed the problematic 3rd Linksys, and put in an older DEC 21140.
CentOS recognized it immediately. We are up and running.

Thanks guys for your help.