[CentOS] Re: Centos 4.7 delay more than mirror issue?

Wed Sep 10 21:34:35 UTC 2008
R P Herrold <herrold at owlriver.com>

On Wed, 10 Sep 2008, Scott Silva wrote:

> on 9-10-2008 1:02 AM Josh Donovan spake the following:
>> Hi folks,

>> Normally people ask "when is CentOS 4.7 coming" and they 
>> are told "when it is ready". Dag posted on his blog about 
>> it going to testing in July while it was supposed to be 
>> syncing to the mirrors on Sept 5/6th according to Karanbir.

>> Is there something going on behind the scenes? I have not 
>> seen Johnny Hughes or even Dag posting on this list for 
>> some time. CentOS has gone for some time while other 
>> rebuilds folded so I wouldn't like it to follow the same 
>> way.

QA is and has been done; the handout to the mirrors has not 
sufficiently converged to complete for the load which a 
'bitflip' will cause.

We would rather NOT be answering 'why is yum failing' or 
worse, publish partial sync images whch waste bandwidth with 
incomplete images (which provoke even more questions:  'my 
md5sum on disk ... is ... but it says ...')

soon, soon

-- Russ herrold