[CentOS] Job Scheduling suggestions

Thu Sep 11 08:15:06 UTC 2008
Bernhard Gschaider <bgschaid_lists at ice-sf.at>

>>>>> On Wed, 10 Sep 2008 19:54:44 -0700
>>>>> "JRP" == John R Pierce <John> wrote:

    JRP> Mag Gam wrote:
    >> At my university we have 50 computers in the lab. We would like
    >> to use a scheduler to schedule our fluid models, and I was
    >> wondering what is a good suggestion?

    JRP> you might look at using one of the scientific clustering
    JRP> packages, like Oscar, which implements and manages an MPI
    JRP> cluster.  this of course assumes your fluid model software is
    JRP> written to use MPI

If you're going for cluster software you might consider


It's even based on CentOS.

Here at our place we have a dedicated cluster with Rocks. In addition
I took the SGE-rpm from the distribution and installed it on our
regular (CentOS) workstations so that jobs can be scheduled on these
machines too